Who We Are

The ENL Project has built a foundation on integrity. Ultimately this means that any assistance we offer is fully and completely within the legality of the United States Family Court System. This includes any laws of the specific State where our client requests support with orders, rules, and mandates.

What We Do

We at the Equal Not Less Project are advocates for fathers fighting for equal and shared parenting rights. We especially advocate for fathers that have been falsely accused and/or incarcerated with the malicious intent to keep fathers away from their children. We provide the tools and resources necessary to help fathers reunite with their children.

Our Mission

The Equal Not Less Project is a 501(c)(3)* non-profit organization that advocates for equal and shared parenting rights, especially the rights of parents who have been wrongly accused of crimes and kept away from their children because of these actions. Our mission is to help men navigate our legal system by providing resources, help, understanding, and recovery to those facing these battles. It is our position that the court system should never be used as a weapon to alienate committed and loving parents from their children.

* A 501(c)(3) is a federal Revenue Code for charitable organizations that allows them to be tax exempt.