The Equal Not Less Project

Equal Parenting Advocacy &
Outreach Organization

Where Fathers Are Equal; Not Less!

"A parent should never have to fight strangers in the court system for the right to parent their own child."

Our Partners in the fight for Equal and Shared Parenting

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  • While we recognize that fathers account for statistically the largest part of the need, The Equal Not Less Project is also fully committed to helping mothers who are being victimized by the legal system in custody cases. We believe that all fit parents are essential and should have equal rights.

  • The Equal Not Less Project is not a law firm. We are unable to provide you with legal advice directly. However, we do have several attorneys that are affiliated with our organization so we may be able to provide answers to your legal questions. Also, we can refer you to an attorney if you desire to retain legal counsel; or we can connect you to paralegals who are able to look over your legal documents if you are a pro se litigant.

  • The Equal Not Less Project firmly advocates for equal parenting. Particularly, for the parent of the child(ren) involved in private law cases where there is a dispute between the parents regarding the arrangements for the child(ren). Working within the system, we often see that the adversarial process often worsens when tensions between one or both parties. It often becomes entrenched in one-sided positions through litigation, rather than focusing on the welfare of their child(ren).

  • The Equal Not Less Project understands that not everything is a "civil matter" when dealing with high-conflict divorce and custody cases. True emergencies’ do often arise, and a child's life can truly be at risk. A parent may file a motion for an emergency custody hearing based on true and factual abuse allegations, or ask that a police officer perform a welfare check on their child(ren). These matters must be taken seriously. It is not acceptable for a parent to be told that an emergency hearing can't be scheduled until a month later, or be told by a police officer that a welfare check is not possible because it is a "civil matter".

  • The Equal Not Less Project understands that there will be times that parents use the system as a weapon against the other party. It can cause a child's safety to be at risk, no one should ever take that chance. Civil matters are not to be taken lightly, and should not be treated as such, this is something that has to change across the Nation.