The Equal Not Less Project was born out of the realization that Fathers are under-represented and under-recognized in the parental equation. The ENL Project team worked to create a network of attorneys, psychologists, advocates, and lay professionals to better help clients in their journey to be reunited with their child(ren). Find out more about our CORE FOUR in this section then give us a call.

The Equal Not Less Project believes that fathers deserve equal time and custody of their child(ren). The ENL Project aims to normalize this in family courtrooms across the nation.

All The Ways We Can Help You

Monetary Resources

Monetary resources may be provided to clients when funds are available in our yearly budget, and if a client qualifies for resources through assessed need(s).

Monetary resources can be applied toward attorney retainers/court fees/auxiliary agencies/incarceration expenses if any are incurred.

Research Resources

The ENL Project offers help finding an attorney if needed, research with case histories, and help with access to auxiliary agencies.

Emotional Support & Advocacy

The ENL Project will advocate for clients within the court system.

The ENL Project will also assist in finding answers to questions that clients have about the court system.

For more information about emotional support from therapists, mentors, and/or to be invited to the Fathers Online Live Discussion group, please submit a request to info@enlproject.org

Parental & Educational Resources

The ENL Project help facilitate connections to local parental educational resources.

ENL will also help clients navigate court-mandated parental requirements such as mandated parenting classes, supervised visitation, job placement, or housing resources.