Do you want to get involved? Do you want to help ensure that children receive the equal time with the parents they love? The ENL Project is a nationwide non profit and we need people like you! The family court system is broken and has perverted its purpose. It is time to turn awareness into ACTIVISM! We are currently looking for volunteers for the following positions. Whether you have 15 minutes a week or 40 hours there is a need you can fill!

Client Enablement and Support

Court Watchers

Weekly Time Commitment: 30 min - 4 hours

Court watching is one of the most important and least labor intensive volunteer roles that w have. We would like to have court watchers within driving distance to EVERY city in the United States. The role is simple you either go to the courthouse or log into the Zoom hearing when our clients are in court. The reason is two fold. First it is support for the client it helps to know you are not alone especially during some of the most emotional days in our clients lives. Second the more eyes we have on the Judge, GALs, and Attorneys the more difficult it is to be cavalier to the letter of the law. With Covid this role is typically something that can be done from the comfort of home or while you are at work multitasking.

Parental Education

Weekly Time Commitment:

Many of our clients are ordered to take parenting classes by the court. Often times they simply receive the mandate but no additional information on how to proceed or what kind of classes are available. We could use your help with providing information about where and when these types of classes are available and any potential costs to help guide our clients to completing these steps. If you are a qualified instructor let us know if you can provide training for these Parents as well.

Along with the mandates often times these classes can help a newly single parent that finds themselves in a situation where they don't fully understand how to manage to tasks that their former partner may have managed to. This only helps to make parents more comfortable and secure in the knowledge that they can take care of their children alone.

Affordable Housing Resources

Weekly Time Commitment:

At times our clients find themselves tuck between a rock and a hard place after the courts determine the amount of child support they must pay. With the remaining finances they sometimes struggle to be able to afford a place of their own or a home that is suitable for children. Perhaps you know of some resources in your area that can help offset some of these costs or have insight that can help pave the way for our clients to acquire better living situations for them and their children. Sometimes the need is a simple as locating a suitable place for them to have their kids for the small amount of time they are allowed visitation. Helps us ensure the comfortability and safety of our clients children during these important moments.

Client Case Managers

Weekly Time Commitment:

The client case manager role is by far the most important and involved volunteer opportunity that we have. Our Client Case Managers own the end to end process with our clients. You will work with the client to identify their needs and uncover opportunities to assist them in every aspect of the process. You will work with our other volunteers to provide much needed services and may even help them with the legal requirements and resources needed to litigate their case especially if they are forced to go Pro Se. While a legal background can be helpful in this role it is by no means a requirement as we have many lawyers and paralegals that are willing to provide guidance for you and the client. f you truly have a passion for equal parenting rights and the rights of children to benefit from two loving parents in their lives then this is the role for you.

Career aptitude Professionals

Weekly Time Commitment:

Do you have experience helping people uncover their hidden potential? Maybe you know how to help clean up and write targeted resumes and help prep people for interviews. Sometimes all it takes is an opportunity to better ones financial situation or work life balance to change the perspective of the courts and provide an opportunity for equal and shared parenting time. This is an opportunity to change our clients entire future and the greatest part about that is you can work this role around your schedule as these services can be provided from home with a computer and an internet connection.

Legal Education

Weekly Time Commitment:

Many of our clients can only afford to have legal representation for a limited time. Especially after the courts start charging outrageous child support amounts and repeated delays and continuances they eventually have to fight for their rights alone. Being a Pro Se litigant stakes the deck against you from the start. So if you have legal knowledge or experience as a Pro Se litigant you could provide just the guidance a parent needs to even the odds in court. You could do his in one on one conversations or as a sounding board. We even have volunteers that do recorded video trainings that we can archive and provide as needed to many clients. This is a great way to help someone avoid costly pitfalls and irrep able damage to their case.

Clothing Donations

Weekly Time Commitment:

How many of you have that section at the back of their closet filled with nice clothes that you no longer wear or don't fit? Free up some space in your home and help a parent make a good impression in a job interview or in court. Donate those clothes and let us put them to good use. Sometimes all it takes is a change in perspective to change the outcome of a case.

Awareness and Activism

Political Influencers

Weekly Time Commitment:

As the saying goes "It's all about who you know." The standard of 50/50 custody is starting to gain traction at the state level but we still have a long way to go. In order for the domino effect to gain momentum however we need our representatives at the state and federal level to be informed of the desires of their constituents. we need people that have the capability and opportunity to make sure our voices are heard. So if you know the right people or are willing to make the time to talk to your representatives we need you in our corner.

Please note it is illegal to make monetary contributions to politicians on behalf of a non profit organization so we ask that if you do this on our behalf please obey the law.

Social Media Influencers

Weekly Time Commitment:

In todays digital age the best way to gain traction and spread awareness is through social media. We would love to have a small army of people with large followings to help us spread the word about the benefits of equal parenting rights for children. If you would like an example of the kind of people we are looking for click the Tik Tok link on our Contact Us page.


Weekly Time Commitment:

As with any business whether it is for profit or not marketing is essential for growth. If you have a marketing background we could use not only your execution but your insight into all the avenues that w use to spread awareness and form partnerships.


Weekly Time Commitment:

Does your name on the by line inspire trust and reliability? Do you have a reputation for getting down to the raw truth and root cause? Would you like to help us celebrate some wins and uncover and expose corruption in the family court system? We don't want to be first to report but we definitely want to get the whole story out with integrity. We aren't looking for sensational satire the facts are juicy enough. Help us get the word out!

Event Organizers/Coordinators

Weekly Time Commitment:

We have a huge need for people that can design, market, and organize events, fundraisers, rally's, and celebrations. So if you are known for always throwing the best parties and inspiring others to get involved then we need you to help us make ENL and household name!

Social Media Page Admins

Weekly Time Commitment:

As we grow our social media footprint we also increase the risk of people trolling and sabotaging the good work we are doing. We need moderators and content providers to keep the conversation going while mitigating negative press and online attacks. So if you are that person that is constantly active on social media then why not apply that effort for a good cause!

Mental Health Support

Emotional Support

Weekly Time Commitment:

Simply put we are hoping to have a roster of people that have been or are going through the same issues. We would like to set up an open chat forum or even an open voice line during set times where alienated parents can come together and be the voice of strength for someone who is struggling to make it through the day. No degree or fancy head shrinking just real support from real people that understand. can you be available for an IM conversation or a phone call when someone just needs to talk to someone who understands?

Mental Health Counseling

Weekly Time Commitment:

Are you a mental health professional? Do you have the time or resources to help people that cant afford help or have trouble getting over the stigma of asking for it? Depression in men is at an all time high and the suicide rates for men are absolutely unbelievable. Add the additional trauma of not seeing your kids or having their minds poisoned against you and its easy to understand why so many men give up. We need people and ideas on how we can make it easy and comfortable to talk to someone that can help. We know how hard it is just to get in to see a therapist even when you are ready for help sometimes you just need someone to listen now!

Substance Abuse Recovery

Weekly Time Commitment:

It is easy to fall into the trap of numbing the loss and pain with drugs and alcohol. Sometimes kicking the addiction is near impossible but so many parents are finding their way back to sober for their kids. Can you provide help? Do you know of any programs that can make it cost effective. If that is the only hurdle a person has to get over to get their kids back it is worth everything to help them. How can you help?

Crisis Line

Weekly Time Commitment:

Are you a licensed mental help professional? Can you provide some of your time to answer calls for the crisis line? We have a huge need for qualified people to be available to take crisis calls. This part of the program is in its infancy so please let us know if you would like more information.

Legal Assistance


Weekly Time Commitment:

Many of our clients are Pro Se litigants that start at a disadvantage in court merely due to ignorance, lack of resources, and documentation that in not valid or incorrect. These small mistakes can make all the difference in the world. We need qualified paralegals that can make the time to look at your motions, and make sure you are prepared for court.

Legal Research

Weekly Time Commitment:

We need people with a aptitude for research and a general understanding of legal information to help our dads get prepared for court and to provide support for Client case managers. This role is vital as each state has their own nuances and subtle differences when it comes to court. Help us identify the important details than can turn the case around.

Legal Aid

Weekly Time Commitment:

Plan and simple some of our clients need representation and few of them possess a financial means to be able to secure it. Does your law firm have a reputation for fair dealing and are you an advocate for standard 50/50 custody? Would you like to become a business partner with the Equal Not Less Project? Can you commit to offering pro bono support to those clients that absolutely need more than we can provide ad advocates? Give us a call we would love to see if we can find an arrangement that works!

Private Investigators

Weekly Time Commitment:

The fact of the matter is not everyone tells the truth in court especially when kids and or money are on the line. Many of our clients have been wrongfully accused of crimes to provide leverage for their former partner in court. As we all know it 's not what you know but what you can prove in court that makes the difference. Will you use your experience and skills to help find the right puzzle pieces?

Process Servers

Weekly Time Commitment:

Are you a licensed process server? Are you willing to offer your time or are you flexible on fees? We don't have a constant need for people to be served documentation but at times that is exactly what our clients have to get done. Let us know if you can offer some help or just want to provide some networking.

Legal Drafters

Weekly Time Commitment:

On top of our need for paralegals and legal research many of our client need help making sure they have drafted the legal paperwork correctly and on time. Not to mention our client case managers will certainly need your help. Do you have experience with drafting legal paperwork? If so we need you please contact us today.

Research and Analytics

Statics Researchers

Weekly Time Commitment:

Integrity is an absolute must for the Equal Not Less Project. When we publish any facts and details on social media, marketing, podcasts, or to a client we have to be sure the information provided is accurate and we believe in being transparent about our sources. We need Statistical analysts and researchers to identify, collect, analyze, and model data for for our Strategists, and case managers so they can make informed decisions for the client and foundation.

Local Resource Identification

Weekly Time Commitment:

Every time we get a new client we run the risk of being in an area we have not yet worked and don't have a network of local providers for many of the volunteer opportunities you see here. Can you help us identify local resources and points of contact all over the country? We can begin be vetting who we have work with our clients if we are looking for them bef0ore we need them.

Regional and Individual Demographics

Weekly Time Commitment:

Much like the statistical analysts we also need people that can research local people and social information. to give our case managers a better understanding of the clients environment and what he is facing in court.

Business Partner Governance

Weekly Time Commitment:

Yes we are looking for business partners but only with ethical business partners that we know our clients can trust and that have similar ideals as the equal not less project. Part of ensuring that we make informed decisions is by having governance overseeing these relationships and ensuring ethical practices are used. this standard is mutually beneficial as we will know who our clients are dealing with and and know they can be trusted and our business partners will know that we can mitigate risk for them as well.

So if you understand auditing, data governance, and performing risk assessments let us know we need your experience.

Operating Income Generation


Weekly Time Commitment:

The Equal Not Less Projects does not ever charge our clients for services. We can do many things with volunteers but there is still a need for financial resources for many aspects of what we do. The Equal Not Less Project is a US 501 C3 non profit organization. We are ALWAYS accepting financial donations and will gladly provide documentation for you to provide to the IRS.


Weekly Time Commitment:

Do you have experience designing, implementing, managing, and documenting public fundraisers whether in person or online? Can you help us understand how to get started? Would you like to help us make them happen? Contact us today!

Grant Writers

Weekly Time Commitment:

Writing requests for grant money takes an experienced skillset. We know there is money available we just need help asking for it. Will you help us?

Logistics and Business Enablement

Business Relationship Managers

Weekly Time Commitment:

As the Equal Not Less Project grows and our network of business partnerships will naturally grow. We need people that can help ensure those relationships continue to grow and remain secure. We need to keep the lines of communication open and provide an avenue for growth and ideas for process improvement. If your skillset leans more to business than advocate then this is where we need your help.

Volunteer Coordinators

Weekly Time Commitment:

The volunteer coordinator is a challenging and complex role. This person vets all volunteer candidates, identifies skillsets and availability and determines need. They work with the other volunteers in those functions to arrange training if required. They also ensure that volunteers know when any tactical actions are needed. These would be things like all hearings where court watchers are needed, or help organize when we have large events. This role is for the truly passionate as your energy will be carried through each volunteer supporting us.

Non Profit Board of Director Experience

Weekly Time Commitment:

If you have experience being on a non profit board of directors and would like to consult or possibly join our ranks let us know and our board chairman will contact you personally.

Project Managers

Weekly Time Commitment:

As this organization is just now taking off we have a desperate need for project managers that can help create project plans, identify risk, set toll gates, and drive for results with each of our programs to make them viable and ensure scalability.

Security Professionals

Weekly Time Commitment:

Custody cases can be emotionally charged and at times people behave irrationally. It is times like these that our clients, case managers, and clients children may need someone there watching to ensure all arrive and leave court safely. This need is not often but when it is we certainly need to know how to contact you.


Weekly Time Commitment:

As with any business, club, group, or social organization there is a need for active recruitment. Do you have a knack for finding people and inspiring them to rally behind a purpose? If so we could use your skills!


Cyber Security

Weekly Time Commitment:

Currently our organization is very small and therefore it has been easy to be secure with our clients data but in the line of work we are in we really need people that understand how to protect the foundations and our clients information.

Client & Volunteer Intake Managers

Weekly Time Commitment:

Growth always requires an initial conversation. When people reach out to us on social media, or from our website asking for help or to volunteer we need to ensure that the applications are processed in a timely fashion and that all required information is received. This role then requires you to identify if applicants should go for review with client case management or the volunteer coordinator.

Information Technology

Weekly Time Commitment:

Do you have server, storage, networking, application development, or digital infrastructure experience? Can you help us understand how to secure our business and then help us make our data flow and information get recorded? We need IT people to give us a strong backbone to operate from.

Volunteer Trainer

Weekly Time Commitment:

Do you have an aptitude for teaching adults? Can you help get our new volunteers comfortable with what we need? We need people to help create and deliver training as we grow employees and volunteers.